Storm Emma Hits the UK

Batten down the hatches - Storm Emma is well and truly here. The 'Beast from the East' blizzard has been beating down on the UK, leaving havoc in its wake. How might Storm Emma affect you? Well, if you were planning on setting off on a short break, you can expect flight delays and cancellations, as the UK's airports struggle to manage the snow. You may wish to check your travel insurance to see if you have cover for flight cancellation. Even if you brave travelling to the airport,you will want to be sure your car is equipped to cover every eventuality. Your vehicle is at risk from ice and snow-covered obstacles, as well as from other drivers attempting to navigate through the Arctic conditions. Tragically, the storm has already claimed 4 lives in crashes - warnings have been issued to drivers to be extra vigilant on the roads and to avoid travelling by road unnecessarily. You will also want to ensure you have adequate home insurance. With snow and ice, inevitable problems will arise as it forces its way through cracks in buildings or pushes boilers to perform. You won't want to be caught out in the cold - contact your insurance broker today.