Surviving Storm Doris, the ‘Weather Bomb’

The UK is bracing itself for severe weather this week, as Storm Doris whips snow and wind around the country, creating major disruptions to travel and business.

Today’s news agencies have already reported winds of up to almost 90 mph and damage to power-lines and property due to Storm Doris’ effects. Heavy snow is expected in Scotland and there is a high risk of flooding in Northern Ireland and low-lying areas in Northern England and Southern Scotland.

Storms can cause serious damage to homes, businesses and property, particularly where there is a risk of flooding.

Did you know?

  • Melting snow combined with heavy rain can easily overwhelm draining systems, causing localised flooding
  • Empty and unheated properties are vulnerable to damage from freezing during periods of heavy snow
  • High winds can cause flying debris, which can cause damage to your property, business and even staff!
  • Road traffic incidents are much more likely during inclement weather periods, so having the right insurance cover becomes especially crucial, especially if your business involves your employees driving during bad weather

Insuring yourself against unpredictable weather risks is the best way to protect your property and your business from potential long-term consequences, such as business interruption or uninhabitable homes.

If you are concerned about how Storm Doris might affect your cover, please give Premiercare Insurance Brokers expert team a call for advice on 0208 446 6742.

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